Voere LBW-M2 High Precision Bolt Action Rifle - 338 Lapua Magnum


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The Voere LBW-M2 is a high-tech precision rifle system for long range shooters, with it’s Interchangeable, modular barrel system for all Calibres up to 338 Lapua Mag.

The M2 was developed as a smaller version of the X3 for calibers from 223 Rem. developed and differs from its bigger brother only in the system and lock size as well as the magazine capacity. This weapon is characterized by extreme stability in the shot and thus very high precision, as well as high flexibility due to the modular structure for all conceivable application scenarios.

It is precisely this modular structure that enables the user to reduce maintenance and repair times to an absolutely necessary minimum. This saves costs and results in the maximum possible operating times.


Outstanding precision

High first hit probability

Extreme flexibility

Completely modular structure

Highest security

Maximum service life

Low maintenance costs

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