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Vudoo Gunworks V22 Upgrade to Proof Research Carbon Barrel (Kukri)

Carbon fiber has long been hailed across many industries—aerospace, cycling, alternative energy—as a wonder material making everything lighter and stronger. When employed in a rifle barrel the benefits extend beyond reducing weight and increasing strength.

Vudoo’s patented manufacturing process begins with full-profile, match-grade 416R stainless steel barrel blanks that are made in our firearms division. These blanks are then turned down to a significantly reduced profile greatly reducing weight.

The reduced contour barrel is then wrapped with high-strength, aerospace-grade carbon fiber impregnated with a proprietary matrix resin developed by our advanced composites division, PROOF Research ACD.

The carbon fibers we use have a unique ability to diffuse heat along the length of the barrel (much like fiber optics transmit light). Carbon fiber also moves heat very effectively through the wall (thickness) of the barrel greatly increasing heat transport resulting in barrels that cool faster, maintain accuracy over longer sessions of fire, and live longer. The end result is an aerospace-grade, high-fiber content composite barrel that is stronger, lighter, as accurate as the finest precision steel barrel, and durable to perform in the most demanding environments. They’re not just lighter—they’re better.

Up to 64% lighter than traditional steel barrels of similar contour
Match-grade accuracy
Improved heat dissipation for cooler and longer lasting barrels
No point-of-impact shift during high-volume fire
Reduced harmonic barrel vibration
Unprecedented durability
Our V22 barreled action is built like no other! The ability for a 22LR or 17HM2 repeater to drop into any Remington 700 short action footprint hasn’t been available…..until now! This gives you, our customer, great flexibility in tapping into the vast aftermarket that exists around the Remington 700 platform. Our patented V22 action is hand-fitted to a precision manufactured, hand lapped, single-point-cut rifle barrel. For more details on the V-22 Action please click here.


-Available in either 22LR, 17HM2, .22WMR, 17HMR


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