FX Impact MK2 Sniper Barrel Kit 700mm



The Smooth Twist X Barrel is a fully rifled barrel liner. FX’s proprietary process of imparting the inner rifling of the barrel from the outside of the steel tubing leaves a flawlessly smooth finished rifling inside the bore. This in turn increases the accuracy of the projectile drastically and makes this a highly coveted barrel for any air gun enthusiast.

These barrel kits will include the barrel, barrel support & probe for the selected caliber. This barrel is housed in the Interchangeable Barrel system allowing the shooter to swap and change barrel liners of various twist rates, bore specifications and more; all to tailor the barrel to different projectile sizes.

Caliber and Length:

Cal. .22 / 700mm

Cal. .25 / 700mm

Cal. .30 / 700mm


.22 Cal, .30 Cal


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