CZ 455 - 3 Barrel Combination .22LR, .17HMR and .22WMR - Used


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In the new generation of the CZ rimfire rifles we have managed to combine experience accumulated over the years of development and production of this type of firearms with traditionally high quality, long service life, accuracy and modern trends. This new model of the CZ 455 rimfire rifle is based on classical design, but incorporating a lot of improvements affecting most of the main parts of this rifle. First of all we have answered wishes by many of our customers for having an action enabling interchangeability of barrels. Adopting a new knowledge when making the barrel’s muzzle, which we have acquired in the course of development and manufacture of firearms designed for hunting at long distances, allowed shortening of barrel while retaining traditionally high accuracy. Also the stock witnessed placing of small changes in order to achieve an even greater komfort during shooting. This was attained by optimizing the grip ergonomics, among others, in the pistol grip area. A new method of connecting barrelled-action with the stock is now dominated by only two screws with improved interface securing simpler tightening and superior appearance. Incorporating new features can be seen also on the sights. The rear signy enables adjustments for elevation and windage and the new shape of front signy base facilitates precise aiming. The use of cold hammer forged barrel has been again retained as well as the receiver made from a single billet of highquality steel. Traditionally uncompromising care for details is projected to each unit of this new rifle and will make envy of other shooters be it at target shooting or while hunting. Caliber (rate of twist) .22 LR (16″) .22 WMR (16″) .17 HMR (9″) Magazine Capacity 5 Stock walnut Trigger mechanism operation adjustable Sights no sights Overall length 980 mm Barrel length 525 mm Height 168 mm Width 66 mm Weight 2,8 kg Barrel hammer forged Surface treatment poly coat.

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