Airking AK300 310 Bar PCP Air Compressor


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Airking AK300 PCP air compressor, fan cooled, 320bar, auto stop. Perfectly suited to top up your PCP air rifle.

Compact and convenient. No oil sump or the need for a water bucket for liquid cooling, being fan cooled and also having a built in transformer makes it easy to set up and move around. Simply plug it into a wall socket or use the battery clamps conveniently housed on the compressor and you ready to go! 


Max fill pressure: 4641.21PSI / 32Mpa / 320Bar

Cooling system: Fan cooling. Three cooling fans, one at the front and two at the rear for the most optimal air circulation. 

Fill Rate: 11L/Minute (100Bar top up on a .48L tank takes 8min)

Transformer: Inbuilt

Power connections: 220V wall socket & 12V battery

Pressure cut off: Automatically shuts off at any pressure set by the user 

Pressure gauge: Yes, with adjustable pressure auto shut off 

Moisture separator: Yes

Dimensions: 24x25x14 cm

Weight: 9kg 

Overload fuse: Yes

Burst Disk: Yes, if the compressor is overloaded with pressure the bust disk acts as a safety measure.   


Battery clamps
Fill hose 
Power cable
Assorted spare parts and tools  

Shipping: Not Flat Rate, Large box shipping for QLD, NSW, VIC $40 ( NOT WA, TAS)


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