Letter to your MP Template

As most of you are aware, 3GT have been directed to cease supply and sales of firearms, ammo, powder and primers.

We are perfectly fine to sell other things and have been working on deals for Scopes, mounts, bino’s etc…

This post is to give you a template (download the attached word document or copy for a letter that you should send to the Member of Parliament where you vote – for the person that is YOUR representative to the Government. That same Government that shut down YOUR local gun shop.

I’ve put this basic template together for you to use as yours. Please make changes that will make it yours – if they get a ton of letters that are all exactly the same as this, it will be treated as spam and probably junked.

You need to ideally post it to YOUR MP in YOUR electorate – you can find this out by entering your postcode in the Government website


Be polite, professional and courteous – this will make our point clear – not an argument.

Be respectful and clearly state what you would like to happen.

Thanks again for all your support – we need to really all come together on this!!!




Hon { insert your MPs name here} MP
Member for {insert your electorate name here}
PO Box { number }

Dear { insert your MP’s correct name here – including if they have Hon. In their prefix },


Thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter and consider the important points I have raised.  I would very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you via phone.

My name is {your name}, and I am a constituent in your Electorate of {insert your Electorate name and postcode here}, and an active voter in Federal and State Campaigns.

I am writing to you today to express my significant disappointment at the Government directed closure of Licensed Firearms Dealers on March 27th, 2020, and importantly, the ill-considered and rushed manner that the direction was given to effectively put 22,000 people out of work and likely bankrupt hundreds of family owned small businesses.  Businesses that have been struggling over the past 4 years due to drought and difficult trading conditions.

Adding further insult to this, statements by Senior Government officers, particularly the Hon. Daniel Andrews and Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville that Gun shops were closed due to concerns of Domestic Violence is not only factually wrong, but deeply offensive – implying that Firearms Owners are instigators of DV.

Additional comments that recent increases in ammunition purchases were in response to hoarding were unfortunately ill informed, presumptuous and just wrong, clearly demonstrating that decisions are being made on assumptions, rather than facts and legislation.

The weakening AUD/USD over the past 4 months has caused suppliers to announce increases in prices for ammunition, as the majority of firearms and ammunition is imported from the USA.  Compounding this, is massive sales increases in the US, impacting supply in Australia. 

Anyone that becomes aware of a looming shortage of product supply, in addition to price increases of 25% to 50%, is likely to buy as much as they can afford at the cheaper price.  So, instead of buying ammunition every 1-2 months, most people bought 6-12 months supply at the cheaper price.  This is simply economics 101. 

These are a just a few examples that clearly show that even at high levels of State and Federal Government, there is very poor understanding of Weapons Legislation and strict conditions on the actions and lifestyles of people that choose to have their firearms license in our democratic society.

I am deeply concerned that Australian politicians and representatives, yourself included, are not taking the issue of our rights, as highly vetted members of our communities, being eroded based on opinions and scare-mongering by various sources, particularly the ALP & Greens Parties, which is being propagated by news outlets as fact – but is actually fiction.

As my representative, I would like you to take the following actions to address these issues, that are very important me, my family and friends, who are all active voters in your electorate:

  1. Act to enable Firearms Dealers to be re-opened immediately.
  2. Understand the process involved in attaining a Firearms License and how long it takes to be able to purchase a firearm – it’s impossible to walk into a gun shop and just buy a rifle or ammunition without permits.
  3. Engage with the fast growing members of your Electorate that are Firearms License holders, to understand what is important to us, and how to speak for us as our elected representative.
  4. Communicate with and educate your colleagues, friends and associates to be able to correct their misunderstandings.
  5. Learn about the importance of volunteer hunters to our farmers and agricultural industry, to protect land, livestock and control feral pests.
  6. Consider that firearms owners are the most law abiding, upstanding members of the community, from every career, profession, trade or job available.
  7. If you have not already, come to meet with us, talk to us and try our sport – we would be delighted to meet you in person (after the crisis has passed) and take you to share why we love and enjoy shooting sports.
  8. Make a stand against the blatant lies and scare mongering propagated by the Greens, ALP and various Anti-Gun groups.
  9. Get the facts right.

This will be the policy I will be basing my vote on in upcoming elections.

To obtain a Queensland Firearms license, the Weapons Act 1990, Part 2 Sect 9[i] details the strict requirements applicants must meet, including significant background checks required to verify that they are a fit and proper person suitable to be in possession of firearms.  Implication of criminal activity, any acts of violence, especially domestic violence, results in automatic disqualification from obtaining ANY firearms license for at least 10 years, if at all.

Needless to say, anyone that is able to hold a firearms license is an upstanding member of the community and should be recognised as such – not vilified as dangerous persons.

There are circa 2 million Firearms License Holders in Australia at writing of this letter.  Each of whom have influence on relatives, friends and colleagues that love and support them.

When you represent your constituents in Parliament on issues relating to Firearms License Holders, Firearms Dealers as well as hunters and recreational/competition shooters, including voting on any legislation, please ensure that you have factually correct information and representations of where your constituents stand.

I’m asking that you take a stand for us. I’m asking that you be the voice that we don’t have.   I’m asking you to stand up for the silent majority.

I trust as a Member of Parliament you are in fact doing your very best when it comes to representing us, your constituents, but I am asking as a voter, in 2020 for you to do better.

I look forward to receiving a reply from you on this matter.

Yours faithfully,

{Your name here}
{Your address here}
{Your mobile here}
{Your email here}

[i] https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/html/inforce/current/act-1990-071#pt.2