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Through our various partner organisations in the US, 3GT can facilitate the following training formats delivered by ex- Special Forces operators from US Military (Navy Seals, Delta, & Rangers) and IDF SF.  NB The capabilities below are not available to nor promoted to civilians.

  • CQB techniques & applications, Shoot house, Simunition, EOD,
  • Counter Terrorism tactics
  • Advanced Tactical shooting Defensive Tactics 
  • Tactical offensive and evasive driving with live fire through glass and metal
  • Krav Haganah (Maga) knife defence & offence, Handgun defence to offence, disarming, fighting and application of violence in confined spaces
  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape Methodology
  • Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, and Surveillance Detection Techniques 
  • CPP, Personal Security Detail Operations & Personnel Rescue & Recovery 
  • Arial Platform Gunnery Operations 
  • Bus Assault Operations  
  • High-Risk Vehicle Stop Operations
  • Tactical Rappelling 
  • Arrival & Departure Techniques
  • Advanced Security Detail Techniques
  • Security Formation Techniques
  • Convoy Operations for a Security Detail
  • IED Identification & Threat Mitigation
  • Understanding of Aquatic Risk Mitigation & Safety
  • Sniper & Counter Sniper Measures
  • Counter Ambush Measures
  • Tactical Medicine Techniques
  • Situational Awareness Measures
  • Personal Protection of the Home, Office, Vehicle, & Aircraft Techniques
  • Active Shooter Counter Measures