Shop will be closed from 22Dec – 8 Jan 2024

How COVID-19 could impact product availability

While 3GT is definitely still open and able to ship/post orders, we are seeing some delays with supply and logistics.

Considering the announcement by Qantas this morning to cut 90% of international flights, this causes concern because a number of smaller shipments and parcels coming from overseas are on commercial airlines.

We certainly do NOT see any need for panic buying or going crazy, but rather than having enough supplies for this week, it might be a good idea to get enough for the next month or 3.

To offset the cost of larger purchases, 3GT will support our customers by providing bulk pricing, so please call and speak with us about your needs so we can help!

Keep practicing thorough hygiene routines and keep a level head.

Support each other and the community, especially those more fragile among us.