Handgun Skills Development
3 Day Course

  • Each day starts in a classroom with theory, then move to the range for most of the day and ending with a recap and debrief in the class.
  • Key philosophies include;

Day 1 (the busiest day) is about unpacking bad habits and a lot of “Ah – Ha” moments.

  • Start with “Why”
  • Emphasise utilising Bio-Mechanical efficiency to use skeletal structures and gravity for stability and support, rather than muscular strength.
  • Fire Control Triangle: Purposes, Principles & Importance for relationship of Stance, Grip & Trigger Control.
  • Significant time is spend working on;
  1. stance issues, to enable students to improve their ability to manage recoil and get back on target instantly
  2. Grip improvement


  • Reactive Shooting Cycle: 6 step process
  • Skills Hierarchy:
  1. Awareness, Control, understand the situation & stimulus/trigger
  2. Calmness, increase cognitive capacity, Isolation of tension & relaxation
  3. Precision & Accuracy
  4. Speed

There are 6-8 target variations utilised on day 1 and each student will fire 600-800 rounds.

  • Recap day 1 and brief day 2
  • Sight alignment by feel & Natural point of aim
  • Vision drives the fight: Central & Peripheral Vision
  • Focal Continuum

We will use 2-3 of the targets types from day 1 to reiterate and reinforce some of the day 1 concepts, and use another 3-5 target types.  500-700 rounds will be fired on day 2.

Tie everything together and enable ongoing success.

  • Fine tuning and more drills
  • Enhance actions and recognise where old/bad habits are creeping back
  • Advance concepts and techniques
  • How to retain and develop further.

We have found the 3 day Handgun program followed by the 3 day Carbine program soon after to get the best results because handgun fundamentals apply to long arms and we are able to incorporate developing proficiency of transitions from Primary – Secondary – Primary more effectively.

We are building the technological capabilities to enable online record keeping of courses and qualifications for instructors and students, as well as the ability to track performance on courses and ongoing training programs.  This is to enable students to understand their own strengths and areas where they want or need additional coaching or training that can be requested via the agency, or they can pursue on their own time.  3GT will be able to analyse the data to be used to further develop training programs and continually evolve our courses and content to address the needs of students and members.

Our Head Instructors are highly experienced & qualified to instruct all aspects of Handguns and M4/AR platform, having delivered various Handgun and AR/Carbine courses to armed security personnel and privately instructed members of Qld Police, AFP, VIC Police, ADF, WA Police, NZ Police and numerous civilian competitive shooters (IPSC and USPSA).

3GT programs are based on the doctrines of Tactical Performance Center (TPC) in the USA, founded by Ron Avery and Ken Nelson.  TPC have developed a powerful system called the “Reactive Shooting Science”, which is the science of the biomechanics that enable the earliest shot with the most accurate hit on target.